The Association of Danish Wine Growers

The association's goal is to gather experience with grape varieties and cultivation of vines out-of-doors in Denmark and thereby create possibilities for a lasting, viable wine production.

FDV  - The Association of Danish Wine Growers

In 1993 a small group of hobby wine growers formed the Foreningen af Danske Vinavlere, the Association of Danish Wine Growers. Today there is more than 1,300 members. The members are a combination of people interested in wine, hobby growers and commercial wine growers. 


As from August 1st 2000 thanks to the fierce pressure from FDV, Denmark was officially approved as a commercial wine growing country by the EU. The doors were thus open for Danes to cultivate vine as agricultural crops, under supervision of the Danish Plant Directorate, and subsequently make wine from the grapes under the control of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Danish Vineyards Association

The aim of the association is to promote Danish viticulture and wine production and to actively support the quality and sales of Danish wines.


The association wants to represent the trade towards authorities, organisations an others in order to achieve the best possible terms and conditions for the trade in accordance with the policy of the association, including cooperation with the Association of Danish Wine Growers for the benefit of the entire Danish wine business. The association also wants to promote a loyal relationship between members and thus strengthen the relationship within the trade.

Danish Vineyards Association

The association was established in March 2011 as an interest group for winegrowers and wine producers in Denmark. Winegrowing and the production of wines in Denmark is a relatively young trade.


A group of passionate people had been working for decades on obtaining permission to produce wine in Denmark on a commercial basis. Their efforts were crowned with success in 2000.