Kelleris Vingaard is situated in North Zealand close to the coast of Oresund - in the beautiful and protected area stretching inland from the Louisiana Museum and Krogerup Folk High School.


The vineyard is owned by

Susanne and Søren Hartvig Jensen



Tours & Tastings

By prior appointment Kelleris Vineyard welcomes visitors for a tour in the vineyard and cellar followed by a tasting of our wines


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The Utopia wines

The wines are made entirely from grapes grown on Kelleris Vineyard's own soil. The Utopia wines are made with passion and respect to the traditional vinification procedures with focus on quality

Medal Winning Wines

The Utopia wines have achieved gold, silver and bronze medals at several wine shows and competitions


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The book "Danish Wine" by

Jacob Klitgaard

Join the author Jacob Klitgaard and photographer Christian Petersen on their almost anthropological tour around Denmark to Danish wine growers.

The book portraits 31 growers - all commercial growers and they all with something to say.


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