1 April 2015

Danish Wine by Jacob Klitgaard

Over the past few years, Danish wine production has undergone tremendous development with regard to grape fruit wines as well as distillates. This book gives a unique insight into where Danish wine trade is heading when Danish grapes, fruit and berries are fermented. The book contains over 30 portrayals of Danish wine producers and is a profusion of beautiful photographic illustrations of the participating wine producers. In addition, the book contains articles on the future vine climate, Danish grape varieties and Danish wines in Danish restaurants.


19 October 2014

The Psychology of the Harvest



1 September 2010

A Winegrower's Confessions



23. maj 2015

Ugens vin

Dansk vin er ikke længere en kuriositet, som man smager på fordi det kunne være sjovt.

Det er slut med hånligt at antyde, at der ikke kan laves ordentlig rødvin på Rondo druen.


7 september 2014

Wine does not tolerate water

Helsingør Dagblad


October 2009

Adventures from Danish Vineyards by Jacob Klitgaard

The first book ever about Danish vineyards. The book is the brainchild of Jacob Klitgaard and the photograph Christian Petersen. Over a period of two years they visited 16 vineyards all over Denmark with the intention of giving an up-to-date insight into Danish wine production. In addition to portrayals and facts about the 16 vineyards, the book contains articles about Denmark as a wine producing country, the history and future of Danish wine.


29 October 2014

Exclusive Fortified Wine was the winner of the IFC-award

"Surprisingly delicious taste" was the judges' comment on the fortified wine Bulls Eye from Kelleris Vineyard which on Wednesday was the medal winner at the International Food Contest in Herning. There are only 220 bottles of this wine which has aged for three years in oak barrels.


8 August 2011

Danish Vine in full bloom


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